COMET: call to hospitals


Wednesday, 08/04/2020 onder Nieuwsberichten

There is much speculation about the effect of certain medications on the clinical course of COVID-19. By collecting and analyzing data in a simple and fast way, answers can be found to the most basic and important questions about the influence of administered medication. The COvid MEdicaTion Study or COMET is an initiative of Erasmus Medical Center. This study looks specifically at the influence of other medications on the clinical picture.

Higher risk coronavirus infection

It is known, for example, that people with cardiovascular disease and diabetes are at a higher risk of coronavirus infection. Is it the disease or is it also the medication that has a negative influence? It is claimed that ibuprofen, diclofenac and other medications may have a negative effect. These agents would increase ACE2 receptors, making it easier for the coronavirus to enter cells. Articles in the medical literature appeared fairly quickly in which this report was dismissed on theoretical grounds. But this should not only be approached theoretically. The final proof can only come about by showing it in a large group of patients.

European COVID-19 patients

Digitalis Rx participates in the COMET research by using Clinical Rules. Together with Erasmus MC, a database is being built with the data of COVID-19 patients admitted to European hospitals. All data is anonymized (gender and year of birth) and permission to collect and analyze these data has been given by a medical ethics committee. Filling in all data required per patient takes less than five minutes.

Digitalis Rx and Erasmus MC request hospitals to participate in this study.

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