The CLEAR Study


Wednesday, 24/06/2015 onder Publicaties

The aim of this study was to evaluate to what extent laboratory data, actual medication, medical history, and/or drug indication influence the quality of medication reviews for nursing home patients.

Conclusion: The low performance, against the gold standard, of medication reviews found in the present study highlights that information is incorrectly used or wrongly interpreted, irrespective of the available information. Performing medication reviews without using the available information in an optimal way can have potential implications for patient safety.

'To what extent is clinical and laboratory information used to perform medication reviews in the nursing home setting? The CLEAR study’,
Carlota Mestres Gonsalvo, Kim PGM Hurkens, Hugo AJM de Wit, Brigit PC van Oijen, Rob Janknegt, Jos MGA Schols, Wubbo J Mulder, Frans R Verhey, Bjorn Winkens, Paul-Hugo M van der Kuy. In: Therapeutics and Clinical Risk Management, 8 May 2015 (Dove Press journal)